Weekly Lab Meetings

Every week the lab holds informal aviation/environmental research and news updates. These are primarily aimed at lab members, sponsors, and collaborators. The current schedule is shown below. Please contact us for further information.

Upcoming LAE Meetings  


Previous LAE Meetings

14-February-2022, 3 PM EST, in person and Teams
Jad Elmourad: Contrail avoidance, from theory to practice: experiment phase I results and experiment design
8-February-2022, 3 PM EST, in person and Teams
James Abel:The Pathway to Commercial Applications of EAD
18-January-2022, 4 PM EST, remote meeting via Teams
Arthur Brown: Towards Practical Fixed-Wing Aircraft with Electro-Aerodynamic Propulsion
25-January-2022, 3 PM EST, remote meeting via Teams
Vincent Meijer: Contrail avoidance, from theory to practice: how well can we predict where contrails will form? 

11-January-2022, 3 PM EST, remote meeting via Teams

Syed Shayan Zahid: Water Injection as a Novel Combustion Concept to Reduce NOx Emissions
14-December-2021, 3 PM EST, in person and Teams
Stewart Isaacs: Investigating the Impact of Dust on Photovoltaic Systems in West Africa

6-December-2021, 12 PM EST, in person and Teams

Christoph FalterPtL and LH2: A Global Assessment of Energy, Economics, Infrastructure, and Emissions Technical Feasibility and Economic Viability of Zero-impact Air Transport Systems
30-November-2021, 3 PM EST, in person and Teams
Prashanth Prakash:Technical Feasibility and Economic Viability of Zero-impact Air Transport Systems
16-November-2021, 3 PM EST, in person and Teams
Nick Perovich: Improving Satellite Maneuver Detection Using Artificial Intelligence

2-November-2021, 3 PM EST, in person and Teams
Yang Chen: Modeling of Staged Combustor for EmissionsAnalysis

25-October-2021, 12 PM EST, in person and Teams

Carla Grobler: Air quality impacts of residential building electrification in the contiguous US

19-October-2021, 3 PM EST, in person and Teams

Nicolas Gomez VegaMulti-staged ducted Electroaerodynamic Thrusters

5-October-2021, 3 PM EST, in person and Teams

Bang-Shiuh ChenIntroduction to Plasma / Electric Field Assisted Combustion

27-September-2021, 12 PM EST, in person and Teams

Sadia Afrin: Evaluating the Impacts of Prescribed Fire on Air Quality and Public Health in the Southeastern U.S.

21-September-2021, 3 PM EST, in person and Teams

Tae Joong Park: Climate and Air Quality Impacts of Electric Vehicles  and Comparison to U.S. Tax Credits

23-August-2021, 12 PM EST, Teams

Ines Elisa Sanz Morere: Improving Climate Impacts Estimation from Future Aviation

17-August-2021, 12 PM EST, Teams

Thibaud Fritz: Plume to Global-Scale Atmospheric Impacts of Aviation Emissions

27-July-2021, 12 PM EST, Teams

Jad Elmourad

13-July-2021, 12 PM EST, Teams

James Abel: Modeling the Costs of a Transition to Hydrogen in Aviation

24-June-2021, 11 AM EST, Teams

LAE Software Tutorial

7-June-2021, 10 AM EST, Zoom

IDHR LAE Training

19-May-2021, 1 PM EST, Teams

Joonhee Kim
Chair: Shayan Zahid

13-May-2021, 8 AM EST, Teams

China Hagstrom
Chair: Stewart Isaacs

7-May-2021, 8 AM EST, Teams

LAE Diversity and Inclusion Meeting

14-April-2021, 8 AM EST, Teams

Shayan Zahid
Chair: Nicholas Perovich

6-April-2021, 10 AM EST, Teams

Stewart Isaacs
Chair: Nicolas Gomez Vega

31-March-2021, 8 AM EST, Teams

Nicholas Perovich
Chair: Prashanth Prakash

26-March-2021, 8 AM EST, Teams

Nicolas Gomez Vega: Electroaerodynamic thrusters for practical fixed-wing aircraft
Chair: Grace Wijaya

11-March-2021, 10 AM EST, Teams

Prashanth Prakash: Dominant formation pathways and impacts of aerosols resulting from aviation emissions 
Chair: Akshat Agarwal

2-March-2021, 8 AM EST, Teams

Grace Wijaya: Estimating UAM Demand at the City Scale – Insights for 5 US Cities
Chair: Yash Dixit

12-February-2021, 11:00 AM, Zoom

Jon Gibbs: Inverse Aircraft Design: Achieving sustainability through market disruption

28-January-2021, 10:00 AM, Zoom

Yash Dixit: Estimating life cycle emissions of petroleum supply chains

18-December-2020, 9 AM, Zoom

Arthur Brown: Towards Practical Fixed-Wing Aircraft with Electro-Aerodynamic Propulsion

3-December-2020, 9:00 AM, Zoom

The Diversity and Outreach team have invited the dREFS in our department to talk with the lab. This will have two parts – a short presentation on the resources available in the department and at MIT relating to easing stress and friction followed by a student only Q & A session.

20-November-2020, 9:00 AM, Zoom

Haofeng Xu

5-November-2020, 9:00 AM, Zoom

Thibaud Fritz: Identifying the ozone-neutral aircraft cruise altitude 
Chair: Ines Sanz-Morere

23-October-2020, 9:00 AM, Zoom

Christoph Falter
Solar Fuels:
An overview of different pathways as well as costs, emissions, and geographical potential of the solar thermochemical pathway.

8-October-2020, 9:00 AM, Zoom

GIT Tutorial with Prashanth Prakash and Thibaud Fritz

25-September-2020, 9:00 AM, Zoom

Akshat Agarwal
Chair: Thibaud Fritz

11-September-2020, 9:00 AM, Zoom

Vincent Meijer: Machine Learning workshop: An overview of machine learning and how you can apply it to improve your research

23-July-2020, 9:30 AM, Zoom

Lukas Brink: Modeling the Impact of Fuel Composition on Aircraft Engine NOx, CO and Soot Emissions

16-July-2020, 9:30 AM, Zoom

COVID-19 Impacts on Aviation and the Path Forward for the U.S. Aviation Industry 

9-July-2020, 9:30 AM, Zoom

Carla Grobler: Air quality benefits of reducing residential combustion emissions in the US South
Chair: Arthur Brown

2-July-2020, 9:30 AM, Zoom

Diversity and Inclusion Lab discussion.

25-June-2020, 9:30 AM, Zoom

Inés Sanz-Morere: Future Scenarios for Commercial Supersonic Aviation
Chair: Cassandre Pradon

11-June-2020, 9:30 AM, Zoom

Reading Groups: Climate Change, Individual Behavior, and Local Action

12-May-2020, 12 pm, Zoom

Laurens Voet: Noise footprint of clean-sheet engines for supersonic transport aircraft
Chair: Lukas Brink

5-May-2020, 12 pm, Zoom

Guillaume Chossiere: Air quality impacts of social distancing during the COVID 19 pandemic
Chair: Vincent Meijer

30-April-2020, 12 pm, Zoom

Nicholas Wilde: Optimization of a Surface-Integrated Electroaerodynamic Ion Source
Chair: Ruoyu Lan

21-April-2020, 12 pm, ZOOM

Ruoyu Lan: Designing interventions to mitigate the air quality impacts of Indian crop residue burning
Chair: Yash Dixit

15-April-2020, 1 pm, ZOOM

Vincent Meijer: Contrail coverage changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Chair: Cassandre Pradon

9-April-2020, 12 pm, ZOOM

Walter Kelso: GHG abatement cost associated with sustainable aviation fuels in the US
Chair: Nicholas Wilde

2-April-2020, 12 pm, ZOOM

Grace Wijaya: System-level optimization of urban air mobility (UAM)

18-March-2020, 1 pm, Zoom

Cassandre Pradon: Environmental impact of rockets

12-March-2020, 12 pm, Webex

Nicolas Gomez Vega: Characterizing the Thrust and Power Consumption of Decoupled EAD Thrusters

3-March-2020, 1 pm, Room 33-116

Tae Joong ‘TJ’ Park: Co-Processing of Biogenic and Fossil Feedstocks for Fuel Production
Chair: Guillaume Chossiere

27-February-2020, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Guillaume Chossiere: Air quality trade-offs of a rapid expansion of personal electric vehicles in China
Chair: Prakash Prashanth

19-February-2020, 1 pm, Room 33-116

Wilhelm Enders: Performance assessment of turboelectric propulsion system
Chair: Grace Wijaya

29-January-2020, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Prakash Prashanth: Clean-sheet engine design for commercial SSTs
Chair: Inés Sanz-Morère

11-December-2019, 11 am, Room 33-116

Arthur Brown: Towards Practical Fixed-Wing Aircraft with Electro-Aerodynamic Propulsion
Chair: Yash Dixit

04-December-2019, 12 pm, Room 33-218

Akshat Agarwall: Exposing a fundamental flaw in contrail modeling-meteorological data
Chair: Arthur Brown

26-November-2019, 3 pm, Room 33-116

Ines Sanz-Morère: Reducing Uncertainty in Contrail Climate Impacts by Constraining Contrail Ice Optical Properties
Chair: Thibaud Fritz

19-November-2019, 3 pm, Room 33-116

Lukas Brink: Costs and Benefits of Naphthalene Removal from Jet Fuel
Chair: Haofeng Xu

14-November-2019, 12 pm, Room 5-234

Thibaud Fritz: Estimating sensitivity of the ozone layer to anthropogenic emissions
Chair: Lukas Brink

06-November-2019, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Haofeng Xu: Electroaerodynamic Propulsion: A Vision for Quiet, Emissionless Drones
Chair: Laurens Voet

30-October-2019, 11 am, Room 33-116

Yash Dixit: Mitigating life cycle emissions of petroleum value chains
Chair: Ruoyu Lan

15-October-2019, 11 am, Room 33-116

Laurens Voet: Mach cutoff modeling for the Aerion AS2 aircraft

02-October-2019, 11 am, Room 33-116

Ruoyu Lan: Mitigating life cycle emissions of petroleum value chains
Chair: Carla Grobler

 26-September-2019, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Carla Grobler: Marginal climate and air quality costs of aviation emissions
Chair: Akshat Agarwal

 19-September-2019, 12 pm, Room 37-252

Raymond Speth, Sebastian Eastham, Ines Sanz Morère, Thibaud Fritz, Akshat Agarwal, Florian Allroggen

 26-August-2019, 12 pm, Room 33-116

TJ Park: Cost-Benefit Analysis of US State EV Subsidies
Chair: Haofeng Xu

11-July-2019, 12 pm, Room 33-218

Guillaume Chossiere: Air quality and climate impacts of the electrification of the  personal vehicle fleet in China
Chair: Ines Sanz-Morere

15-August-2019, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Nicholas Wilde: Power Optimization for Electroaerodynamic Thrusters
Chair: Uyiosa Oriakhi

30-May-2019, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Prashanth: Clean-sheet Supersonic Engine Design and Performance

21-May-2019, 3 pm, Room 33-116

Carla Grobler: Assessment of commercial civil aviation’s cumulative climate impact
Chair: Prashanth

 15-May-2019, 11 am, Room 33-116

Kieran Strobel: EAD Surface Integrated Thrusters
Chair: TJ Park

09-May-2019, 4 pm, Room 9-450A

Ines Sanz Morere: Assessing future aviation climate impacts
Chair: Laurens Voet

30-April-2019, 3 pm, Room 35-310

Stewart Isaacs: Environmental and economic characteristics of hybrid Power- & Biomass-to-Liquid (PBtL) Fuel Production in the U.S.
Chair: Ruoyu Lan

24-April-2019, 11 am, Room 33-116

Juju Wang: Quantitative Policy Analysis for Alternative Jet Fuel Technologies
Chair: Yash Dixit

16-April-2019, 3 pm, Room 33-206

Liam Comidy: Liquid Fuel Production Onboard Aircraft Carriers
Chair: Thibaud Fritz

11-April-2019, 4 pm, Room 9-450A

Uyiosa Oriakhi: Stochastic life cycle and abatement cost assessment of renewable drop-in fuels
Chair: Luke Kulik 

03-April-2019, 11 am, Room 33-116

Arthur Brown: Design and Optimization of a Second-Generation Electro-Aerodynamic Aircraft Prototype
Chair: Lukas Brink

02-April-2019, 11am, Room 33-116 [LAE/ICAT Seminar]

Dr. Philippe Bonnefoy (BlueSky): “The Aviation CO2 Challenge: Analytics and Policy Perspectives”

21-March-2019, 4 pm, Room 9-450A

Haofeng Xu: Experiments in Electroaerodynamic Propulsion
Chair: Nicholas Wilde

12-March-2019, 3 pm, Room 33-206

Akshat Agarwal: Assessing and mitigating the climate impact of contrails
Chair: Carla Grobler

 04-March-2019, 2 pm, Room 33-116

Techno-Economic Optimization and Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Microgrids located in the US using Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Neural Networks

 27-February-2019, 3 pm, Room 33-116

Model-based sustainability assessment of bioenergy systems

24-January-2019, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Thibaud Fritz: A subgrid-scale model of aircraft emissions

17-January-2019, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Luke Kulik: Finding the Needle in a Haystack: Dense semantic segmentation of highly-imbalanced contrail datasets

10-January-2019, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Bert Lenaerts: Air connectivity and regional employment

10-December-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Yash Dixit: Mitigating life cycle emissions of petroleum value chains
Jakobus Jooste: Rocket emissions inventory

 03-December-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Lukas Brink: Costs and benefits of Naphthalene-removal from jet fuels
Ruoyu Lan: Designing New Interventions to Mitigate Indian Agricultural Residue Burning Impacts on Air Quality

27-November-2018, 11 am, Room 33-116

Laurens Voet: Clean Sheet Supersonic Design and Performance
Nick Wilde: Will it fly (better)?

19-November-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-116

TJ Park: Analysis of electric car subsidies in the US

13-November-2018, 11 am, Room 33-116

Prashanth Prakash: Post-combustion Emissions Control for Aviation

05-November-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Guillaume Chossiere: Atmospheric impacts of rapid vehicle fleet electrification in China

 29-October-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-206

Irene Dedoussi: Ozone impacts of supersonic flight

22-October-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-206

Ines Sanz Morère: Key challenges in assessing future climate impacts of aviation

15-October-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Kieran Strobel: EAD Wind Tunnel Tech Talk

 11-October-2018, 11 am, Room 33-206

Carla Grobler: Which is worse: aviation climate or air quality impacts?

01-October-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Liam Comidy: Jet fuel production onboard aircraft carriers

27-September-2018, 11 am, Room 33-116

Stewart Isaacs: Electrifying Aircraft Fuel: Lifecycle Analysis of Electrofuel Pathways for Aviation

 30-August-2018, 1 pm, Room 33-116

Haofeng Xu: Will it Fly? Electroaerodynamic solid state propulsion for airplanes

 06-August-2018, 3 pm, Room 33-116

Juju Wang: A stochastic quantitative policy assessment of various alternative jet fuel pathways

17-July-2018, 3 pm, Room 33-206

           Uyiosa Oriakhi: Stochastic Life Cycle Analysis for Alternative Jet Fuels

06-June-2018, 3 pm, Room 33-206

Akshat Agarwal: The SCOPE11 method for estimating aircraft BC mass and particle number emissions

 30-May-2018, 3 pm, Room 33-116

Luke Kulik: Deep learning for contrail detection – how to spot largest man-made features from space

18-May-2018, 2 pm, Room 33-116

Thibaud Fritz: A subgrid-scale treatment of aircraft emissions

08-May-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Irene Dedoussi: Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis of the Atmospheric Impacts of Combustion Emissions

03-May-2018, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Cassandra Miller: NOx and Fuel Burn Tradeoffs in Commercial Aviation

 24-April-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-418

Carla Grobler: Air Quality and Climate Costs of Aviation Fuel Burn

 20-April-2018, 3 pm, Room 33-206

Ines Sanz Morère: Assessing uncertainties on contrails RF calculations

09-April-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-206

Qian Di, Harvard School of Public Health: The Association between Air Pollution and Human Health: Recent Evidence at Low Concentrations

 05-April-2018, 12 pm, Room 33-418

Albert Gnadt: Technical and Environmental Assessment of All-Electric 180-Passenger Commercial Aircraft

 19-March-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-206

Prakash Prashanth: Post-combustion emissions control for aero-gas turbine engines

05-March-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-206 [Seminar]

Guillaume Chossière: Emissions of diesel cars in Europe: Country and manufacturer attribution of air quality impacts from excess NOx emissions

28-February-2018, 11 am, Room 33-418

Drew WeibelNaphthalene Removal Assessment: Cleaning up Jet Fuel for Reduced Air Quality Impacts 

22-February-2018, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Kieran Strobel: EAD Propulsion-System/Vehicle Characterization

16-January-2018, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Juju Wang: Waste Gas to Drop in Jet Fuel
Liam Comidy: Jet Fuel Production Onboard Aircraft Carriers

11-December-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Irene Dedoussi: Assessing the environmental impacts of combustion emissions

05-December-2017, 2 pm, Room 33-116

Paula do Vale Pereira: Lifecycle Analysis of the Air Quality Impact of Aviation Biofuels

01-December-2017, 12 pm, Room 33-206

Kingshuk Dasadhikari: Updates to the GEOS-Chem Adjoint Model for Southeast Asia

20-November-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Luke Kulik: How deep learning could help us improve climate forecasts
Stewart Isaacs: Electrofuels: A near-term solution for carbon neutral aviation

09-November-2017, 1 pm, Room 33-116

Irene Dedoussi: Development of the adjoint of GEOS-Chem UCX

02-November-2017, 2 pm, Room 33-206

Cassandra Miller: Evaluating CO2 Impacts from NOx Regulations using World Emissions

25-October-2017, 11 am, Room 33-116

Tim Galligan: The potential of jet fuel from biomass and wastes to reduce aviation greenhouse gas emissions in the United States

19-October-2017, 1 pm, Room 33-319

Albert Gnadt: Feasibility of All-Electric Aircraft in Commercial Aviation: Batteries and Geometry

10-October-2017, 2 pm, Room 33-116

Ines Sanz Morère: Assessment of overlapping contrails’ climate impact

02-October-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-319

Ray Speth: Aviation, Combustion, and the Environment

28-September-2017, 2 pm, Room 33-418

Akshat Agarwal: Statistical model for global contrail modeling

18-September-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Carla Grobler: Current climate modeling approaches

22-August-2017, 10 am, Room 33-116

Thibaud Fritz: Toward effective emissions of airplanes in global models

31-July-2017, 12 pm, Room 33-206

Haofeng Xu: Electroaerodynamic Propulsion – Design for First Flight and Beyond

07-July-2017, 11 am, Room 33-116

Seamus Bann: Progress Toward a Marginal Abatement Cost Curve for Alternative Jet Fuels

16-June-2017, 11 am, Room 33-116

Robert Garner: Emissions of transatmospheric vehicles – Initial results

05-June-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Prakash Prashanth: Post combustion emission control in gas turbines

26-May-2017, 11 am, Room 33-116

Albert Gnadt: Feasibility of All-Electric Aircraft in Commercial Aviation: Propulsion Components
Sierk de Jong: Renewable jet fuel (RJF) – a realistic solution to reduce the climate impact of aviation?

17-May-2017, 3 pm, Room 33-116

Luke Jensen: Noise Mitigation Efforts using Operational Modifications at Boston Logan Airport

05-May-2017, 11 am, Room 33-206

Cassi Miller: Evaluating CO2 and NOx Climate Tradeoffs using World Emissions and APMT

24-April-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Tim Galligan: Long-term alternative jet fuel production in the United States

14-April-2017, 11 am, Room 33-206

Kingshuk Dasadhikari: Development of the GEOS-Chem Adjoint Model for SE Asia: Preliminary Results & Updates

03-April-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Drew Weibel: Naphthalene Removal Assessment – Fuel optimization processes and economics

20-March-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Irene Dedoussi: Pollution exchange between the US states

17-March-2017, 11 am, Room 33-116

Guillaume Chossiere: Air quality impacts of excess NOx emissions from passenger cars in Europe