Tae Joong (TJ) Park

Research Assistant


I’m originally from South Korea and went to middle and high school in New York. I completed a BS in Mechanical Engineering at Yale in 2013. I was a design engineer at GE Aviation working on jet propulsion for military aircraft for 5 years in the Boston area. I finished an MS in Mechanical Engineering at MIT from LAE in 2021 and am currently pursuing a Ph.D. I’m interested in cars, renewable energy, and technology in general.


My M.S. focused on comparing the monetized climate and air quality impact of electric cars to that of gasoline cars and to the U.S. federal and state EV subsidies. For my Ph.D., I am working on environmental and economic assessment of new Power to Liquid (PtL) fuel pathways, one of the candidates for future sustainable fuels.



Automotive Engineering, Sustainable Aviation Fuels, Renewable Energy Systems, Lifecycle and Technoeconomic Assessment.