Tae Joong (TJ) Park

Research Assistant


Background: I’m originally from South Korea and went to middle and high school in New York. I completed a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Yale in 2013. I was a design engineer at GE Aviation working on jet propulsion for military aircraft for 5 years in the Boston area. I’m currently a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering. I’m interested in cars and technology in general.


I am looking into the environmental impact of electric cars in the US. I hope to gain perspective by comparing US federal and state electric car subsidies to the monetary impact of greenhouse gas emissions and air quality impacts, locally and across regions of the US. The comparison will be done for several propulsion technologies, including battery electric, range extender electric, plug-in hybrid, hybrid-electric, hydrogen fuel cell, gasoline, diesel, and others. This involves combining fuel and vehicle lifecycle energy and emissions analysis, atmospheric modeling, and electrical grid demand simulation.