Syed Shayan Zahid

Research Assistant


I was born and raised in Lahore, a very metropolitan and historical city in Pakistan. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University in 2019. followed by a brief internship at Cummins Inc. before joining LAE. During undergrad, I worked as a researcher in the Center for Particulate Products and Processes (CP3) where I analyzed flow fields in hopper discharge experiments, and then I joined The Goldenstein Group working on laser diagnostics for HMX propellants. Beyond research, I enjoy traveling, working out, plane spotting, playing the piano and violin, dancing, and exploring good food places around the area. 


I joined LAE in Fall 2020 as a Research Assistant, and I’m pursuing a Master’s degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics. My research is focused on developing novel emission-reduction technologies, in collaboration with the FAA, to mitigate the environmental impacts of aviation without compromising engine performance. I also support a project to design and evaluate the feasibility of liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft to reduce their carbon footprint. 


  • Combustion 
  • Air-breathing Propulsion 
  • Emission Control Technology 
  • Spectroscopy