Sebastian Eastham

Research Scientist


My name is Sebastian Eastham. I grew up in Shrewsbury, in the United Kingdom, and earned both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Cambridge. From there I moved to Boston, earning my PhD in aeronautical and aerospace engineering from MIT in 2015. Prior to my current position, I spent 2 years as a NOAA post-doctoral fellow at Harvard, working with Prof. Daniel Jacob on quantifying and explaining intercontinental pollution plume behavior in models and in observations.


I am a research scientist, leading all air-quality related work at LAE. My central focus is on global-scale modeling of atmospheric composition and air quality impacts, although my secondary interests include contrail modeling and high performance computing. Major projects include air quality impacts of current and future aviation, an FAA project; composition and climate impacts of supersonic aviation, a NASA project; development of a next-generation global chemical transport model; analysis of climate and air quality interactions over the next 50 years in the USA, an EPA project; and tradeoffs between exposure to ozone and UV under different stratospheric ozone scenarios.



      • Numerical atmospheric modeling
      • Atmospheric chemistry
      • Air quality impact estimation



My publications are listed here.