Robert Malina


Hasselt University


I am Professor for Environmental Economics at Hasselt University in Belgium and Head of the Research Group Environmental Economics within the U Hasselt Centre for Environmental Sciences. My research interests are centered on quantitative analyses in the fields of environmental, energy and transportation economics, in particular the economic and environmental impacts of transportation networks on a local, regional and global scale, as well as on the development and assessment of measures for reducing the environmental impact of these networks. From 2012 to 2016, I worked as Associate Director of LAE where I was leading research on the economic and environmental viability of different options for mitigating aviation’s impact on the environment.



I am currently collaborating with researchers at LAE on research funded by the Federal Aviation Administration on the economic and environmental viability of alternative jet fuels, for which I also serve as a technical expert to the International Civil Aviation Organization. Moreover, I work with LAE on the development of the “Global Connectivity Index”, a novel metric to quantify the degree to which regions globally are connected by air transportation



  • Alternative jet fuels
  • Air transport network
  • Aviation economics