Prakash Prashanth

Research Assistant


I hail from Chennai, a tropical, bustling metropolitan city in southern India. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore in 2016. My childhood fascination with flight grew into an interest for aerospace engineering during an exchange semester at École Centrale Paris. My enthusiasm for the subject was further stoked during my undergraduate thesis work on the computational aerodynamics of wing in ground effect vehicles and my design project on the development of a flapping wing micro-UAV in collaboration with Temasek Laboratories at NUS. During my time in ACS(I) and NUS, I acted in and directed a number of plays and musicals.



I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in the Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment (LAE). My current work focuses on analyzing and developing novel technology for emission control in aero-gas turbine engines. Specifically, I am evaluating post-combustion emission control methods for use in aero-gas turbines, with a primary focus on reducing oxides of nitrogen (NOx). I am also exploring new propulsion solutions that would contribute towards a sustainable aviation future.



      • Gas turbine propulsion
      • Emission control technology