Prakash Prashanth

Research Assistant


I hail from Chennai, a tropical, bustling metropolitan city in southern India. My childhood fascination with flight grew into an interest for aerospace engineering during an exchange semester at École Centrale Paris. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore in 2016 and completed my Master’s Degree in the Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment in 2018.



I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in LAE. My work focuses on understanding the pathways through which emissions from aircraft impact the environment and developing novel solutions to help achieve a zero-impact air transportation system. Specifically, I focus on the design and analysis of propulsion systems and aircraft using emissions control technologies to mitigate the environmental impacts of aviation. I leverage my expertise in aircraft and propulsion systems design along with LAE’s collective expertise in lifecycle analysis and environmental impact quantification to evaluate system-level solutions that are required to enable a zero-impact air transport system.



  • Air-breathing propulsion
  • Emissions control technology
  • Multi-disciplinary aircraft optimization
  • Global Chemistry Transport modeling



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