Nicolas Gomez-Vega

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Originally from Madrid (Spain), I graduated Imperial College London in 2019 with a Master of Engineering degree in Aeronautical Engineering. I then joined LAE as a research assistant to pursue a PhD degree, specializing in ionic propulsion for aircraft. After completing my PhD in 2023, I transitioned into a postdoctoral associate position in LAE, performing research in sustainable propulsion. Over my time at MIT, I have directly advised over 15 undergraduate students across design and research projects. Outside of work, I enjoy soccer and traveling.



My interests lie at the intersection of aircraft propulsion and sustainability. During my PhD, I focused on electroaerodynamic (EAD) thrusters, which use ions to produce a propulsive force while being nearly silent. As part of my postdoc, I am exploring new propulsion systems for general aviation that leverage the properties of non-drop-in fuels, such liquid hydrogen or liquified natural gas. For example, I have developed models for heat exchangers integrated into jet engines, heating up the fuel while improving the engine cycle. In addition, I have performed modeling work on propulsion with hydrogen fuel cells, a potentially greener alternative to jet engines.


      • Sustainable propulsion
      • Electric propulsion
      • Hydrogen-powered aircraft
      • Electroaerodynamics
      • Plasma physics


See full list of publications here.

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