Kanghyun Lee

Research Assistant


My name is Kanghyun Lee. I come from Seoul, South Korea. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Seoul National University. I have been passionate about aircraft since 6, and have gone from an avgeek (aviation + geek) to an aerospace engineer. My enthusiasm deepened by designing rocket aerodynamics at my undergraduate rocket team and conducting thesis research on transonic buffet alleviation using computational aerodynamics (CFD). In my spare time, I am a keen traveler (50+ countries and counting). I also enjoy playing the piano & the violin and going to classical concerts. I like playing the Flight simulator (or flying Cessna in Florida!) and plane-spotting at airports.


I joined LAE in Fall 2021 as a Research Assistant. I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics. My current work, funded by Pratt and Whitney, investigates engine design parameters’ influence on aviation’s environmental impact. With regulations expected to evolve in a direction that better reflects actual environmental impact, the ability to capture this link when performing design trades on engine development is necessary. This “Engine Environmental Impact” framework involves modeling aero-gas turbine cycle, engine-specific & fleetwide emissions, and climate & air quality impacts. I am also engaged in a contrail avoidance project, focusing on flight operational aspects such as flight planning and flight data analyses.


      • Aerodynamics
      • Gas Turbines Propulsion
      • Aircraft Operations
      • Aviation’s Environmental Impact