James M Abel

Research Assistant


While my family is originally from the United States, I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I first came to MIT to complete my bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering. Initially working in the LAE as an undergraduate researcher, I officially joined the lab as a master’s student following my graduation in early 2021. Outside of work I enjoy cooking, travel (especially combined with food), cycling around Boston, and warm weather.



My current research focuses on evaluating the feasibility of hydrogen aircraft at a system level. For this, I am working to develop models of both hydrogen aircraft and the infrastructure systems required to support them so that the economic impacts of such a transition to aviation can be calculated. In the past, I also worked with the EAD team supporting the development of electroaerodynamic thrusters. On this project, my role focused mainly on prototyping and experimentally testing new variants of thrusters to characterize their performance.