Ines Sanz-Morère

Research Assistant


My name is Inés Sanz-Morère. I come from Madrid, Spain. I completed my BS+MS at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, with a double degree at the Politecnico di Torino, specializing in Space Engineering. I did my master thesis at Tsinghua University in Beijing on the topic of combustion instabilities in liquid rocket engines and then worked for a year at the European Space Agency Operations Centre in Darmstadt (Germany) supporting Earth observation missions. My hobbies are playing piano, music in general, reading, swimming, playing ice hockey and traveling.


I am a research assistant, pursuing a PhD in aeronautics at LAE since September 2016. I was sponsored for two years by La Caixa fellowship (Spanish foundation) and I am currently funded by NASA. For the first two years I focused my research on evaluating contrails and clouds climate impact. As part of my work, I developed a new contrail radiative forcing model able to assess climate effect of overlapping between contrails and between contrails and clouds. I’m currently working on estimating climate impacts of future supersonic aviation, including routing optimization for overland restrictions through a newly developed pathfinding algorithm.​


  • Contrail microphysics and climate impact
  • Radiative Forcing modeling
  • Supersonic routing optimization
  • Aviation atmospheric impacts