Florian Allroggen

Executive Director, Instructor [16.71], Research Scientist


Dr. Allroggen is the Executive Director LAE and Senior Strategic Advisor in MIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He also is an Instructor for the Airline Industry Course and is a Research Scientist. Dr. Allroggen is co-leading the MIT Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment and the Transportation Decarbonization efforts in the MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium. Furthermore, he is the Executive Director of MIT’s Zero Impact Aviation Alliance.

Originally from Germany, he received a B.S. and Doctor in (Transport) Economics (PhD equiv.) from Münster University. Before joining LAE in his current role, he worked as an LAE Postdoc and as a consultant in the German office of McKinsey&Company.



Dr. Allroggen has a background in Economics. His research brings together Transport Economics, Environmental Economics, and related research questions in Energy Economics. In his recent work, he focuses on understanding the transition of transportation towards sustainable solutions, especially focusing on policy and market response to new technologies. He develops and applies methods for techno-economic and lifecycle assessments, policy analyses, cost-benefit analysis, and market response modeling. He focuses on analyzing the potentials of future energy carriers, including biofuels, Power-to-Liquid Fuels and Hydrogen. Furthermore, he is working on integrating observation-based contrail mitigation strategies. Previously, he has worked extensively on understanding the impacts of air transport connectivity on economic systems.

Dr. Allroggen is a nominated expert to the International Civil Aviation Organization’s Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection, particularly the Fuels Task Group.



  • Sustainable Energy for Aviation, including Life-cycle Analysis and Techno-economic Assessments
  • Economic Impacts of Aviation
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Aviation Network Modeling
  • Transport Economics
  • Environmental Economics




My LAE publications can be found here.