Dun Yuan Tan

Research Assistant


I obtained my Masters’s in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London, and am originally from Malaysia. I am interested in applying my knowledge in enabling a cleaner and more sustainable future. Outside of my work I enjoy watching movies and playing sports.



During my exchange year at MIT, I worked with Professor Balakrishnan investigating the impact of wind forecast uncertainty on the design of Trajectory-Based Operations. I also investigated the effectiveness of CubeSat architecture for Space Debris Removal. For my master’s thesis, I utilized Machine Learning for the calibration of Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence, as well as for next frame prediction of turbulence.

I am currently working on evaluating the different pathways to electrify aviation, assessing the different possibilities including liquid hydrogen (LH2), Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), and battery electric aircraft.



  • Multidisciplinary Optimization
  • Aircraft design
  • Machine Learning



  • Tan, D. Y., Badrinath, S., & Balakrishnan, H. (2021). Analysis and design of Trajectory-Based Operations under wind forecast uncertainty. CEAS Aeronautical Journal, 1-12.
  • Clark, C. P., Tan, D. Y., Arnal Luna, P., Hastings, D. E., Masterson, R. A., & Ricard, M. J. (2020). Effectiveness of CubeSat-Based Architectures for Active Removal of On-Orbit Rocket Bodies. In ASCEND 2020 (p. 4241).