Andy Eskenazi

Research Assistant


A self-proclaimed avgeek, Andy’s love for aviation is as strong today as it was throughout his entire childhood. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Andy completed his undergraduate and masters degrees at the University of Pennsylvania, after which he worked for a brief period in the semiconductors industry in Texas. Outside of planeĀ spotting and researching the airline industry, he enjoys playing tennis and squash, biking long distances, and playing his beloved euphonium and piano!



Andy’s current research pertains to sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), trying to understand the global sources and availability biomass, and thus our theoretical potential for producing biofuels. Given the deep interest that airlines have on SAF as a path to their decarbonization, understanding its production potential will be critical in order to develop policy that best supports the scale-up of this technology, and most likely, others (such as hydrogen and electrification). Besides this, Andy likes working on un-official side-projects related to aviation policy and the airline industry.



  • Eskenazi, Andy G., Arnav P. Joshi, Landon G. Butler, and Megan S. Ryerson. “Equitable optimization of US airline route networks.” Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 102 (2023): 101973.