Andrew Scott White

Research Fellow


Raised in Central Pennsylvania, I began my engineering education at Penn State University, where I received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. I completed my master’s degree with the MIT Gas Turbine Laboratory, exploring the design space of hydrogen-fueled propulsion systems for electrified civil aircraft. In 2023, I joined the LAE to pursue a doctoral degree.
I am also enthusiastic about pedagogy, having assisted in the delivery of MIT courses sponsored by NASA Goddard, Blue Origin, and Draper Laboratory. In Fall 2023, I taught a course in the School of Computing and Data Science at Wentworth Institute of Technology.






My interests lie at the intersection of energy systems and atmospheric science. In my doctoral research, I am assessing the impacts of replacing short-haul flights with passenger rail travel in the United States, particularly with regards to climate, air quality, and environmental justice.


  • Atmospheric chemistry and pollution
  • Energy conversion and thermal systems
  • Air/rail passenger transportation
  • Electrified aircraft propulsion



See Andrew’s publications here.