Mark Staples

Research Scientist


My name is Mark Staples, and I’m originally from Edmonton, Canada. I completed a PhD in Engineering Systems (2017) and a MS in Technology in Policy (2013) at MIT, and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta (2009). Before coming to MIT, I worked for FACC AG in Vienna, Austria, where I carried out finite element analysis on carbon composite aircraft parts for the Boeing 787. I also have work experience in the heavy construction and upstream oil and gas industries in western Canada.


My research aims to quantify the economic and environmental costs, benefits and trade-offs of new energy technologies, especially novel technologies for the production of liquid fuels for transportation. I am currently leading work on research sponsored by the US FAA ASCENT Center of Excellence (on the climate impacts and economic viability of biomass-derived alternative jet fuels) and Eni S.p.A. (on electro-fuel technologies). I also serve as a Technical Expert to ICAO CAEP, and have an interest in using academic research to inform policy-making processes.


      • Energy technology assessment
      • Life cycle and techno-economic analysis (LCA & TEA)
      • Energy and environmental policy




My LAE publications can be found here.