Kingshuk Dasadhikari

Research Assistant


I originally hail from Kolkata, India, but have spent most of my life growing up in Kobe, Japan. I earned my undergraduate degree—an integrated Master of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering—from Imperial College London in the UK in June of 2016. My final year project at Imperial was conducted in association with Rolls-Royce plc and implemented a Lagrangian algorithm to model ice crystal icing on aircraft and engine surfaces.


Here at LAE, my current work as a research assistant focuses on developing and expanding tools to model the impacts of aviation and other emissions on air quality on a global scale. This work is conducted in association with and with the funding of the FAA Aviation Sustainability Center (ASCENT). I am also concurrently working on paper projects applying the developed tools to attribute air quality-driven health impacts in Southeast Asia to emissions sources.



  • Air Quality
  • Aircraft Design
  • Aircraft Icing