Cassandra Miller

Research Assistant


My name is Cassi Miller, and I am from Essex Junction, Vermont. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering at Clarkson University in 2013. Following graduation, I began a career at GE Aviation as a performance engineer, working on cycle model development for both fixed-wing and helicopter engines. I started classes at MIT to expand my understanding of environmental impacts from the aviation industry, which combines my passion for the outdoors with my technical expertise of aircraft engines.


I am a research assistant, pursing a Master of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT. Since joining LAE in 2016, I have been working on a project that aims to evaluate the effects of a landing/takeoff regulation for nitrogen oxides (NOx) from commercial aircraft. Historically this regulation has been based on reducing air quality impacts, and has not considered the climate impacts it might be having. The goal of this research is to determine an optimal balance between air quality and climate damage by quantifying full-flight emissions of CO2 and NOx based on the limits of engine operation set by this regulation.



  • Climate impacts of aviation
  • Engine thermodynamics