Seamus Joseph Bann

EducationSeamus Joseph Bann

  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, United States Military Academy at West Point, 2015
  • Currently pursuing an M.S., Technology & Policy Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017

Fields: Alternative Fuels, Environmental & Energy Policy

Lab Role: Research Assistant


I am a graduate research assistant in the Technology & Policy Program. My research at LAE involves conducting authoritative technical and economic comparisons between a variety of alternative fuel conversion processes. I am also a military fellow at MIT Lincoln Laboratory where I work in Group 48 (Chemical and Biological Defense Systems).

A resident of Wichita, KS, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and commissioned as an Engineer officer in the U.S. Army. My undergraduate research focused on biological fuel cells in collaboration with the Army Research Lab in Adelphi, MD. I remain on active duty and will return to the service upon graduation.

Posters and Presentations

“Acetic Acid Tolerance in Bio-Hybrid Fuel Cells,” Bann, S.J., Poster presented at the 22nd Annual Army Research Laboratory-USMA Technical Symposium, November 5, 2014, Aberdeen, MD.

“Bio-Inspired Devices and Sensors (BIDS) Research: Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs),” Bann, S.J., Poster presented at the American Institute of Chemical Engineering National Student Conference, November 4, 2013, San Francisco, CA.

“Microbial Fuel Cells: Determining and Improving Current Output,” Bann, S.J., Poster presented at the American Institute of Chemical Engineering National Student Conference, October 29, 2012, Pittsburgh, PA.