Laboratory Reports

The Laboratory of Aviation and the Environment regularly publishes theses, technical notes and reports in its report series. Reports since 2008 can be downloaded below.


Report Number
First Author Publication Date
LAE-2017-004-T A Stochastic Techno-Economic Comparison of Alternative Jet Fuel Production Pathways S. Bann Jun-17
LAE-2017-003-T Public Health Impacts of Excess NOx Emissions from Volkswagen
Diesel Passenger Vehicles in Germany
G. Chossière Jun-17
LAE-2017-002-T Scenario based lifecycle analysis of greenhouse gas emissions from petroleum-derived transportation fuels in 2050 C. Rosen Jun-17
LAE-2017-001-T Bioenergy and its use to mitigate the climate impact of aviation M. Staples Feb-17
LAE-2016-004-T Electro-aerodynamic thrust for fixed-wing aircraft propulsion C. Gilmore Sep-16
LAE-2016-003-T Reducing the air quality impacts of aircraft activity at airports A. Ashok Jun-16
LAE-2016-002-T Environmental and economic assessment of transportation fuels from municipal solid waste P. Suresh Jun-16
LAE-2016-001-T Radiation dose to the global flying population L. Alvarez Jan-16
LAE-2015-003-T Non-CO2 Environmental Impacts of Transportation Fuel Use and Production F. Caiazzo Aug-15
LAE-2015-002-T Aviation Environmental Policy and Issues of Timescale P. Wolfe Aug-15
LAE-2015-001-T Human Health Impacts of High Altitude Emissions S. Eastham May-15
LAE-2014-009-T Microalgae-derived HEFA Jet Fuel: Environmental and Economic Impacts of Scaled/Integrated Growth Facilities and Global Production Potential J. Ames Oct-14
LAE-2014-008-T Climate Impact of Aviation NOx Emissions: Radiative Forcing, Temperature and Temporal Heterogeneity L. Wong Aug-14
LAE-2014-007-N Air Quality Sensitivity Matrices I. Dedoussi Jun-14
LAE-2014-006-N Application of the complex step method to chemistry-transport modeling – GEOS-Chem XPLEX B. Constantin May-14
LAE-2014-005-T Environmental and economic tradeoffs of feedstock usage for liquid fuels and power production P. Trivedi May-14
LAE-2014-004-T Application of the complex step method to chemistry-transport modeling B. Constantin May-14
LAE-2014-003-T Air pollution and early deaths in the United States: Attribution of PM2.5 exposure to emissions species, time, location and sector I. Dedoussi May-14
LAE-2014-002-T Environmental and economic assessment of alternative transportation fuels M. Withers May-14
LAE-2014-001-N The Rapid Dispersion Code S. Yim Mar-14
LAE-2013-006-N The GEOS-Chem Unified Tropospheric-Stratospheric Chemistry Extension (UCX) (Interim Distribution) S. Eastham Sep-13
LAE-2013-005-T Networked Control of Aircraft Operations at Airports and in Terminal Areas H. Khadilkar Jun-13
LAE-2013-004-T Water consumption footprint and land requirements of alternative diesel and jet fuel production M. Staples May-13
LAE-2013-002-T Development of a Rapid Global Aircraft Emissions Estimation Tool with Uncertainty Quantification N. Simone Jan-13
LAE-2013-001-N Aviation Emissions Inventory Code (AEIC) User Manual (R1) N. Simone Jan-13
LAE-2012-012-N An open global civil aviation emissions dataset for 2005 (R1) N. Simone Nov-12
LAE-2012-010-R Air quality impacts of UK airport capacity expansion S. Barrett Oct-12
LAE-2012-008-T Performance Characterization of Electrohydrodynamic Propulsion Devices K. Masuyama Aug-12
LAE-2012-007-T Development of Techniques for Rapidly Assessing the Local Air Quality Impacts of Airports G. Lee Aug-12
LAE-2012-006-T The Air Quality and Health Impacts of Aviation in Asia I.-H. Lee Aug-12
LAE-2012-005-T Climate Policy and the Airline Industry: Emissions Trading and Renewable Jet Fuel D. McConnachie Jun-12
LAE-2012-004-T Environmental and Economic Assessment of Microalgae-derived Jet Fuel N. Carter Jun-12
LAE-2012-003-T Estimating Current and Future Benefits of Airport Surface Congestion Management Techniques A. Nakahara Jun-12
LAE-2012-002-T Benefit-Cost Assessment of Aviation Environmental Policies C. Gilmore Jun-12
LAE-2012-001-T Aviation Environmental Policy Effects on National- and Regional-scale Air Quality, Noise, and Climate Impacts P. Wolfe Feb-12
LAE-2011-006-R Environmental Cost-Benefit Analysis of Ultra Low Sulfur Jet Fuel C. Gilmore Dec-11
LAE-2011-005-T The Air Quality Impact of Aviation in Future-Year Emissions Scenarios A. Ashok Sep-11
LAE-2011-004-T Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis of the Intercontinental Impacts of Aviation Emissions on Air Quality and Health J. Koo Sep-11
LAE-2011-003-T Microphysical modeling of ultrafine hydrocarbon-containing aerosols in aircraft emissions M. Jun Jun-11
LAE-2011-002-T A techno-economic and environmental assessment of hydroprocessed renewable distillate fuels M. Pearlson Jun-11
LAE-2011-001-R The Impact of Climate Policy on US Aviation N. Winchester May-11
LAE-2010-009-T System level assessment of uncertainty in aviation environmental policy impact analysis R. Liem Sep-10
LAE-2010-008-N Guidance on the use of AEDT Gridded Aircraft Emissions in Atmospheric Models S. Barrett Aug-10
LAE-2010-007-R Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Alternative Jet Fuels R. Stratton Jun-10
LAE-2010-006-T Scaling air quality effects from alternative jet fuel in aircraft and ground support equipment P. Donahoo Jun-10
LAE-2010-005-T Estimating the environmental benefits of aviation fuel and emissions reductions C. Dorbian Jun-10
LAE-2010-004-T Development of an income-based hedonic monetization model for the assessment of aviation-related noise impacts Q. He Jun-10
LAE-2010-003-T Cost-benefit Analysis of Ultra-Low Sulfur Jet Fuel S. Kuhn May-10
LAE-2010-002-T Life cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions and non-CO2 combustion effects from alternative jet fuels R. Stratton May-10
LAE-2010-001-T An assessment of environmental impacts of a nextGen implementation scenario and its implications on policy-making A. Fan Feb-10
LAE-2009-005-T Environmental impact assessment of commercial aircraft operations in the United States S. Lukachko Sep-09
LAE-2009-004-T Modeling and control of airport departure processes for emissions reduction I. Simaiakis Sep-09
LAE-2009-003-T Assessing Environmental Benefits and Economic Costs of Aviation Environmental Policy Measures A. Mahashabde Jun-09
LAE-2009-002-T Uncertainty Assessment of Complex Models with Application to Aviation Environmental Systems D. Allaire Jun-09
LAE-2009-001-T The impacts of aviation emissions on human health through changes in air quality and UV irradiance E. Brunelle-Yeung May-09
LAE-2008-005-T Life-cycle assessment of Greenhouse Gas emissions from alternative jet fuels H.M. Wong Sep-08
LAE-2008-004-T A response surface model of the air quality impacts of aviation T. Masek May-08
LAE-2008-003-T Influence of Low-Speed Aerodynamic Performance on Airport Community Noise A. March Jun-08
LAE-2008-002-T An Estimate of the Global Impact of Commercial Aviation Noise C. Kish Jun-08
LAE-2008-001-T Development and assessment of a soot emissions model for aircraft gas turbine engines B. Martini Jun-08