Post-Doctoral Researchers

  • The lab is always interested in hearing from potential post-doctoral researchers. Please contact the faculty member with relevant research interests.

Graduate Students

  • Potential MIT graduate students are welcome to make contact with relevant faculty members, but in-depth discussion occurs once a student is admitted. The lab hires several admitted students as research assistants each year, who undertake research in the lab concurrent with (and usually contributing to) their MIT graduate degree.
  • Admissions questions should be directed to the academic department that the student is considering applying to such as the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics (although students from any MIT academic department can work as research assistants in the lab).
  • Admitted graduate students should contact relevant faculty members/lab leadership about opportunities.

Undergraduate Students

  • The lab often employs current MIT undergraduates as research interns through UROP. Potential UROPs should contact relevant faculty members/lab leadership about opportunities. We are always enthusiastic to hear from current MIT undergraduates who would like to contribute to research. Applications are welcomed from first year to final year students.
  • The lab also hosts non-MIT undergraduates in programs such as the MIT Summer Research Program and the Imperial-MIT summer research exchange program. Additionally students on an academic exchange at MIT such as the Cambridge-MIT Exchange can participate in UROP.

Visiting Scholars

  • The lab occasionally hosts visiting postdoctoral scholars or faculty members, usually with external sources of funding.
  • Visiting graduate students with external funding are also occasionally hosted as part of collaborative arrangements between universities or research groups. If you are interested in this, please discuss with your advisor if there is an existing or potential collaboration, and if so, ask him/her to contact the relevant person at LAE.