Air pollution causes 200,000 early deaths each year in the U.S.

29 August, 2013

Researchers from MIT’s Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment have come out with some sobering new data on air pollution’s impact on Americans’ health. The group tracked ground-level emissions from …

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SAE 2013 Aerospace Alternative Fuels and Associated Environmental Impacts Symposium

6 May, 2013

The SAE 2013 Aerospace Alternative Fuels and Associated Environmental Impacts Symposium will be held in Brussels 13-14 June, 2013. Further information about the program and registration information is available at …

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Electrohydrodynamic effect offers promise for efficient propulsion in air

3 April, 2013

When a current passes between two electrodes — one thinner than the other — it creates a wind in the air between. If enough voltage is applied, the resulting wind …

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New MIT graduate course 16.715 Transportation and the Environment

26 January, 2013

New MIT graduate level course 16.715 Transportation and the Environment is being introduced this spring term. The course considers the impacts of emissions from aviation, shipping, road and rail on cimate, …

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Lab releases global aviation emissions dataset

3 November, 2012

A global emissions dataset for civil aviation emissions now available. The dataset contains three-dimensional gridded emissions for (scheduled) civil aviation for 2005. This dataset represents the most current estimate of …

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Study on air quality impacts of UK airport capacity expansion

13 October, 2012

According to the U.K.’s Department for Transport, demand for air travel in the country will more than double by 2030, from 127 million to 300 million passengers per year. A …

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Lab hosts high school students in engineering outreach program

13 August, 2012

On Thursday August 9th, the Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment hosted high school students from the AeroAstro track of MIT’s MOSTEC Program (MIT Online Science, Technology and Engineering Community) …

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New study links air pollution and early death in UK

21 March, 2012

In a study appearing this month in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, MIT researchers report that emissions from cars, trucks, planes and powerplants cause 13,000 premature deaths in the United Kingdom each …

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Study released on the costs and benefits of desulfurizing jet fuel

1 March, 2012

A new MIT-led study has been released that assesses the economic and environmental costs and benefits of desulfurizing jet fuel. Aircraft emissions can reduce air quality, leading to adverse health …

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New study finds large variability in greenhouse gas emissions from alternative jet fuels

11 May, 2011

There’s a race afoot to give biofuel wings in the aviation industry, part of an effort to combat soaring fuel prices and cut greenhouse gas emissions. In 2008, Virgin Atlantic …

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