Weekly Lab Meetings

Every week the lab holds informal aviation/environmental research and news updates. These are primarily aimed at lab members, sponsors, and collaborators. The current schedule is shown below. Please contact us for further information.

Upcoming Lab Meetings

24-April-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116
Tim Galligan: Long-term alternative jet fuel production in the United States
05-May-2017, 11 am, Room 33-206
Cassi Miller
17-May-2017, 3 pm, Room 33-116
Luke Jensen
26-May-2017, 11 am, Room 33-116
Albert Gnadt
Sierk de Jong
31-May-2017, 3 pm, Room 33-116
Robert Garner
05-June-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116
Prakash Prashanth

Previous Lab Meetings

14-April-2017, 11 am, Room 33-206
Kingshuk Dasadhikari: Development of the GEOS-Chem Adjoint Model for SE Asia: Preliminary Results & Updates
03-April-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116
Drew Weibel: Naphthalene Removal Assessment – Fuel optimization processes and economics
20-March-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116
Irene Dedoussi: Pollution exchange between the US states
17-March-2017, 11 am, Room 33-116
Guillaume Chossiere: Air quality impacts of excess NOx emissions from passenger cars in Europe
01-March-2017, 3 pm, Room 33-116
Chris Gilmore and Cooper Hennick: Toward a powered flight test of an EAD-propelled, small-UAV
22-February-2017, 3 pm, Room 33-116
Akshay Ashok: External influences on air quality in Singapore
24-January-2017, 9.30 am, Room 33-206
Lawrence Wong: On estimating future subsonic aviation emissions
9-January-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-206
Carla Grobler: Estimating social cost of carbon equivalences for aviation
15-December-2016, 4 pm, Room 33-116: LAE & ICAT Seminar
Dr. James I. Hileman, FAA Chief Scientist for Environment and Energy: Addressing the Environmental Challenges Facing Aviation
8-December-2016, 4 pm, Room 33-116
Mark Staples: Bioenergy and its use to mitigate the climate impact of aviation
1-December-2016, 4 pm, Room 33-206
Ines Sanz Morère: First steps to quantify the impact of contrail overlap in the US
Thibaud Fritz: An aircraft plume model to quantify aviation’s impact on the atmosphere
21-November-2016, 12 pm, Room 33-206
Seamus Bann: A marginal abatement cost curve for alternative jet fuel
17-November-2016, 4 pm, Room 33-116
Jason Wong: Blue-sky thinking: Aviation connectivity and regional innovation
9-November-2016, 12 pm, Room 33-116
Cassandra Rosen: Life cycle emissions of petroleum derived jet fuel
Prakash Prashanth: Gas turbine emission control
31-October-2016, 12 pm, Room 33-206
Cassandra Miller: Evaluating Climate Impacts of NOx and CO2 Tradeoffs
Kingshuk Dasadhikari: Development of GEOS-Chem Adjoint Models for Europe and Southeast Asia
24-October-2016, 12 pm, Room 33-206
Drew Weibel: Naphthalene Removal: Refining Options and Fuel Impacts
Haofeng Xu : Electroaerodynamic Thrusters for Atmospheric Propulsion
20-October-2016, 4 pm, Room 33-319
Dr. Akshay Ashok: Air traffic control and management
5-October-2016, 12 pm, Room 33-419
Akshat Agarwal: Statistical approach to global contrail modeling
26-September-2016, 12 pm, Room 33-319
Tim Galligan: Geophysical Effects of Worldwide Land Use Changes for Aviation Biofuels
Albert Gnadt: Feasibility of All-Electric Aircraft in Commercial Aviation
22-September-2016, 4 pm, Room 33-418
Irene Dedoussi: Impacts of changing atmospheric composition on atmospheric response to emissions
15-September-2016, 4 pm, Room 33-116
Guillaume Chossiere: Diesel cars in Europe: An estimation of the health impacts of excess NOx emissions
30-August-2016, Room 33-206, 11:30 am
Chris Gilmore: Electro-aerodynamic thrust for fixed-wing aircraft propulsion
9-August-2016, Room 33-206, 12 pm
Philip Wolfe: Climate Change Feedbacks on Aviation
Lawrence Wong: Satellite Observation of Contrail Coverage
19-July-2016, Room 33-206, 12 pm
Seamus Bann: A harmonized stochastic comparison study of renewable jet fuel costs of production
Cooper Hennick: A few subsystems of the EAD project
17-May-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Mark Staples: Dynamic cost-benefit analysis of aviation biofuel adoption
Irene Dedoussi: Atmospheric adjoint sensitivity analysis of aviation emissions impacts
10-May-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Chris Gilmore: Electro-aerodynamic thrust for fixed-wing aircraft propulsion
3-May-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Akshay Ashok: Reducing the air quality impacts of aircraft at airports
5-April-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Cassandra Rosen: Global LCA of GHG Emissions from Petroleum Fuels: Projections for 2050
29-March-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Akshat Agarwal: Statistical Approach to Global Contrail Modeling