Weekly Lab Meetings

Every week the lab holds informal aviation/environmental research and news updates (Tuesdays at 4 pm). These are primarily aimed at lab members, sponsors, and collaborators. The current schedule is shown below. Please contact us for further information.

Upcoming Lab Meetings

19-November-2015, Room 33-206, 4pm
Marguerite Nyhan: Air pollution – emissions, exposure and health effects
1-December-2015, Room 33-418, 4 pm
Philip Wolfe
8-December-2015, Room 33-418, 4 pm
Lawrence Wong

Previous Lab Meetings

17-November-2015, Room 33-418, 4pm
Akshay Ashok: Reducing the air quality and CO2 climate impacts of taxi and takeoff operations at airports
10-November-2015, Room 33-418, 4pm
Mark Staples: Optimal bioenergy allocation to minimize anthropogenic GHG emissions
12-November-2015 (Thursday), Room 33-206, 4pm
Luis Alvarez: Overall efficiency: A tradeoff between CO2 and contrail radiative forcing
3-November-2015, Room 33-418, 4pm
Chris Gilmore: Electro-Aerodynamic Propulsion: Theory, Experiment, and Prototype
27-October-2015, Room 33-418, 4pm
Pooja Suresh: Environmental and economic assessment of middle distillate fuel derived from Municipal Solid Waste
20-October-2015, Room 33-418, 4pm
Fabio Caiazzo: Reducing contrail warming by varying aircraft emissions
29-September-2015, Room 33-206, 4pm
Mike Wittman: Assessing connectivity outcomes of publicly-supported commercial air service in the United States and Europe
15-September-2015, Room 33-206, 4pm
Irene Dedoussi: Attribution of the US aviation air quality impacts to species, location, and time of emission
30-July-2015, Room 33-206, 1pm
Jeremy Epps: Design of the aerodynamic surfaces of an EAD UAV prototype
Lawrence Wong: Supersonic Route Model
23-July-2015, Room 33-206, 1pm
Luis Alvarez: Overall efficiency: A tradeoff between CO2 and contrail radiative forcing
18-June-2015, Room 33-418, 1pm
Mark Staples: Global bioenergy potential & land use change emissions
28-May-2015, Room 33-116, 1pm
Andrew Dexter: HDG Formulation for EHD Thruster Modeling
21-May-2015, Room 33-116, 3pm
Fabio Caiazzo: Non-CO2 environmental impacts of transportation fuel production and use
14-May-2015, Room 33-116, 3pm
Pooya Azadi: Worldwide LCA of GHG Emissions from Petroleum Fuels
30-April-2015, Room 33-116
Pooja Suresh: Lifecycle GHG emissions of jet fuel from municipal solid waste & Augmentation of LCA studies to 2050
23-April-2015, Room 33-116
Philip Wolfe: Current and Future Noise Impacts of the London Hub Airport
16-April-2015, Room 33-116
Irene Dedoussi: Applications of atmospheric adjoint sensitivities
9-April-2015, Room 33-116
Seb Eastham: Human health impacts of high altitude emissions (practice thesis defense)
2-April-2015, Room 33-116
Chris Gilmore: Development of an EAD prototype
19-March-2015, Room 33-418
Florian Allroggen: How air transport connects the world: Results for 1990 to 2012
12-March-2015, Room 33-116
Akshay Ashok: Reducing the air quality impacts of aircraft activity at airports
5-March-2015, Room 33-418
Seb Eastham: Human Health Impacts Attributable to Future Climate Engineering
26-February-2015, Room 33-116
Lawrence Wong: Condensation Trails: Overview and Modeling
21-January-2015, Room 33-206, 2 pm
Luis Alvarez: Radiation dose to the global flying population
14-January-2015, Room 33-206, 2 pm
Mark Staples: Climate change abatement via aviation biofuels adoption
5-December-2014, Room 33-206, 10 am
Pooja Suresh: Waste to jet and diesel fuel: Defining pathways for lifecycle GHG emissions analysis
Andrew Dexter: EHD Numerical Model Validation
21-November-2014, Room 33-206, 10 am
Edward Mugica: Commercial Fleet Evolution: system design and preliminary sensitivity testing
14-November-2014, Room 33-116, 10 am
Irene Dedoussi: Air pollution and early deaths in the United States. Part II: Attribution of PM2.5 exposure to emissions species, time, location and sector
7-November-2014, Room 33-206, 10 am
Luis Alvarez: Radiation dose to the global flying population
31-October-2014, Room 33-116, 10 am
Luke Jensen: Development of Rapid Fleet-wide Environmental Assessment Capability using a Response Surface Modeling Approach
17-October-2014, Room 33-116, 10 am
Philip Wolfe: Toward an Environmental Cost of Alternative Fuels for Aviation
10-October-2014, Room 33-206, 10 am
Fabio Caiazzo: A contrail and contrail cirrus evolution and radiation model
3-October-2014, Room 33-206, 10 am
Matthew Pearlson: How can we make 1B gallons per year of renewable jet fuel by 2018?
Seb Eastham: Impact pathways of climate engineering
26-September-2014, Room 33-206, 10 am
Florian Allroggen: How air transport connects the world: Some insights for the years 1999 to 2012.
Lawrence Wong: Climate Impact of Aviation NOx Emissions: Chemical Details
12-September-2014, Room 33-116, 10 am
Chris Gilmore: EHD Thrust Staging and Preliminary Prototype Scoping Analysis
Yashovardhan Chati: Statistical Modeling of Aircraft Engine Fuel Flow Rates
28-August-2014, Room 33-218
Mark Staples: Transportation economics: Topics covered at the 2014 ITEA Summer School in Toulouse, France
21-August-2014, Room 33-206
Akshay Ashok: The quantification of ozone population exposure isopleths using the adjoint of an air quality model
31-July-2014, Room 33-206
Aaron Castellanos: Global Aviation Emissions from 1979 to 2013
24-July-2014, Room 33-206
Mitch Withers: Carbon, Climate, and Economic Breakeven Times for Biofuel from Woody Biomass from Managed Forests
10-July-2014, Room 33-206
Florian Allroggen: How air transport connects the world – A model of global air connectivity
26-June-2014, Room 33-206
Luis Alvarez
Andrew Dexter: EHD Thruster: Numerical Modeling Update
19-June-2014, Room 33-206
Fabio Caiazzo: A contrail and contrail cirrus formation and evolution model
Lawrence Wong: Temporal Heterogeneity of Aviation NOx
12-June-2014, Room 33-206
Seb Eastham: Estimation of UV impacts due to policy decisions
5-June-2014, Room 33-206
Chris Gilmore: Electrohydrodynamic Thrust Density
15-May-2014, Room 33-418
Philip Wolfe: Timescales and Aviation Environmental Externalities
Mark Staples: The cost-effectiveness of aviation climate impact abatement via technology improvements
1-May-2014, Room 33-418
Irene Dedoussi: Applications of the nested GEOS-Chem adjoint
Yashovardhan Chati: Aircraft Fuel Burn and NOx Emissions in the LTO Cycle: An FDR Perspective
24-April-2014, Room 33-418
Mitch Withers: Time-dependent life cycle impacts of biomass harvesting from managed forests
Bogdan Constantin: GEOS-Chem XPLEX: Introducing the complex-step atmospheric sensitivities in CTMs
17-April-2014, Room 33-206
Akshay Ashok: Regional emissions for Singapore trans-boundary air quality study
Rohit Goyal: Identification of net–zero ozone cruise altitude and its associated impacts
3-April-2014, Room 33-116
Lawrence Wong: Investigation of Aviation NOx Efficacies With IGSM
Matthew Pearlson: Optimizing Transportation for Alternative Aviation Fuel Supply Chains
20-March-2014, Room 33-418
Parth Trivedi: Future sustainable bioenergy potential model – estimating the global aviation biofuel potential in 2050
6-March-2014, Room 33-116
Andrew Dexter: DG methods for EHD numerical analysis
Luis Alvarez: Radiation dose and cancer risk to airline passengers globally
20-Feb-2014, Room 33-116
Jacob Ames: Future Bioenergy Potential of Microalgae-derived Biofuels
Edward Mugica: Multi-point weighted optimization of a replacement commercial aircraft
30-Jan-2014, Room 33-116
Akshay Ashok: The tradeoffs between fuel burn and population exposure to PM2.5 and O3 due to aircraft operations on the airport surface
Chris Gilmore: EHD Propulsion: Theoretical and Experimental Progress
6-Feb-2014, Room 33-116
Fabio Caiazzo: A Lagrangian model to evaluate the impact of biofuels use on contrail cover
Seb Eastham: Obstacles in modeling geoengineering
23-Jan-2014, Room 33-116
Yashovardhan Chati: Aircraft Engine Performance Study Using Flight Data Recorder Archives
Philip Wolfe: Costs and Benefits of Noise Land Use Policies
16-Jan-2014, Room 33-116
Irene Dedoussi: Aviation health impacts assessment using GEOS-Chem adjoint
Mitch Withers: Economic and environmental assessment of liquefied natural gas as a supplemental aircraft fuel
9-Jan-2014, Room 33-116
Bogdan Constantin: Complex step atmospheric modeling in GEOS-Chem