Weekly Lab Meetings

Every week the lab holds informal aviation/environmental research and news updates (currently, Tuesdays at 12 pm). These are primarily aimed at lab members, sponsors, and collaborators. The current schedule is shown below. Please contact us for further information.

Upcoming Lab Meetings

9-August-2016, Room 33-206, 12 pm
Philip Wolfe
Lawrence Wong
23-August-2016, Room 33-206, 12 pm
Guillaume Chossiere
Irene Dedoussi

Previous Lab Meetings

19-July-2016, Room 33-206, 12 pm
Seamus Bann: A harmonized stochastic comparison study of renewable jet fuel costs of production
Cooper Hennick: A few subsystems of the EAD project
17-May-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Mark Staples: Dynamic cost-benefit analysis of aviation biofuel adoption
Irene Dedoussi: Atmospheric adjoint sensitivity analysis of aviation emissions impacts
10-May-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Chris Gilmore: Electro-aerodynamic thrust for fixed-wing aircraft propulsion
3-May-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Akshay Ashok: Reducing the air quality impacts of aircraft at airports
5-April-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Cassandra Rosen: Global LCA of GHG Emissions from Petroleum Fuels: Projections for 2050
29-March-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Akshat Agarwal: Statistical Approach to Global Contrail Modeling
15-March-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Irene Dedoussi: Applications of atmospheric adjoint sensitivity analysis
8-March-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Pooja Suresh: Environmental and economic assessment of jet fuel from Municipal Solid Waste
1-March-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Guillaume Chossiere: Air quality modelling in Europe: the impact of unreported diesel emissions in Germany
23-February-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Seamus Bann: Biomass-to-Jet Conversion: A Techno-economic Comparison Study
8-December-2015, Room 33-319, 4 pm
Lawrence Wong: Supersonic Route Modeling: Development and Current Status
1-December-2015, Room 33-418, 4 pm
Philip Wolfe: Pb
19-November-2015, Room 33-206, 4pm
Marguerite Nyhan: Air pollution – emissions, exposure and health effects
17-November-2015, Room 33-418, 4pm
Akshay Ashok: Reducing the air quality and CO2 climate impacts of taxi and takeoff operations at airports
10-November-2015, Room 33-418, 4pm
Mark Staples: Optimal bioenergy allocation to minimize anthropogenic GHG emissions
12-November-2015 (Thursday), Room 33-206, 4pm
Luis Alvarez: Overall efficiency: A tradeoff between CO2 and contrail radiative forcing
3-November-2015, Room 33-418, 4pm
Chris Gilmore: Electro-Aerodynamic Propulsion: Theory, Experiment, and Prototype
27-October-2015, Room 33-418, 4pm
Pooja Suresh: Environmental and economic assessment of middle distillate fuel derived from Municipal Solid Waste
20-October-2015, Room 33-418, 4pm
Fabio Caiazzo: Reducing contrail warming by varying aircraft emissions
29-September-2015, Room 33-206, 4pm
Mike Wittman: Assessing connectivity outcomes of publicly-supported commercial air service in the United States and Europe
15-September-2015, Room 33-206, 4pm
Irene Dedoussi: Attribution of the US aviation air quality impacts to species, location, and time of emission
30-July-2015, Room 33-206, 1pm
Jeremy Epps: Design of the aerodynamic surfaces of an EAD UAV prototype
Lawrence Wong: Supersonic Route Model
23-July-2015, Room 33-206, 1pm
Luis Alvarez: Overall efficiency: A tradeoff between CO2 and contrail radiative forcing
18-June-2015, Room 33-418, 1pm
Mark Staples: Global bioenergy potential & land use change emissions
28-May-2015, Room 33-116, 1pm
Andrew Dexter: HDG Formulation for EHD Thruster Modeling
21-May-2015, Room 33-116, 3pm
Fabio Caiazzo: Non-CO2 environmental impacts of transportation fuel production and use
14-May-2015, Room 33-116, 3pm
Pooya Azadi: Worldwide LCA of GHG Emissions from Petroleum Fuels
30-April-2015, Room 33-116
Pooja Suresh: Lifecycle GHG emissions of jet fuel from municipal solid waste & Augmentation of LCA studies to 2050
23-April-2015, Room 33-116
Philip Wolfe: Current and Future Noise Impacts of the London Hub Airport
16-April-2015, Room 33-116
Irene Dedoussi: Applications of atmospheric adjoint sensitivities
9-April-2015, Room 33-116
Seb Eastham: Human health impacts of high altitude emissions (practice thesis defense)
2-April-2015, Room 33-116
Chris Gilmore: Development of an EAD prototype
19-March-2015, Room 33-418
Florian Allroggen: How air transport connects the world: Results for 1990 to 2012
12-March-2015, Room 33-116
Akshay Ashok: Reducing the air quality impacts of aircraft activity at airports
5-March-2015, Room 33-418
Seb Eastham: Human Health Impacts Attributable to Future Climate Engineering
26-February-2015, Room 33-116
Lawrence Wong: Condensation Trails: Overview and Modeling