Weekly Lab Meetings

Every week the lab holds informal aviation/environmental research and news updates. These are primarily aimed at lab members, sponsors, and collaborators. The current schedule is shown below. Please contact us for further information.

Upcoming Lab Meetings

8-December-2016, 4 pm, Room 33-116
Mark Staples: Bioenergy and its use to mitigate the climate impact of aviation
15-December-2016, 4 pm, Room 33-206
Guest speaker

Previous Lab Meetings

1-December-2016, 4 pm, Room 33-206
Ines Sanz Morère: First steps to quantify the impact of contrail overlap in the US
Thibaud Fritz: An aircraft plume model to quantify aviation’s impact on the atmosphere
21-November-2016, 12 pm, Room 33-206
Seamus Bann: A marginal abatement cost curve for alternative jet fuel
17-November-2016, 4 pm, Room 33-116
Jason Wong: Blue-sky thinking: Aviation connectivity and regional innovation
9-November-2016, 12 pm, Room 33-116
Cassandra Rosen: Life cycle emissions of petroleum derived jet fuel
Prakash Prashanth: Gas turbine emission control
31-October-2016, 12 pm, Room 33-206
Cassandra Miller: Evaluating Climate Impacts of NOx and CO2 Tradeoffs
Kingshuk Dasadhikari: Development of GEOS-Chem Adjoint Models for Europe and Southeast Asia
24-October-2016, 12 pm, Room 33-206
Drew Weibel: Naphthalene Removal: Refining Options and Fuel Impacts
Haofeng Xu : Electroaerodynamic Thrusters for Atmospheric Propulsion
20-October-2016, 4 pm, Room 33-319
Dr. Akshay Ashok: Air traffic control and management
5-October-2016, 12 pm, Room 33-419
Akshat Agarwal: Statistical approach to global contrail modeling
26-September-2016, 12 pm, Room 33-319
Tim Galligan: Geophysical Effects of Worldwide Land Use Changes for Aviation Biofuels
Albert Gnadt: Feasibility of All-Electric Aircraft in Commercial Aviation
22-September-2016, 4 pm, Room 33-418
Irene Dedoussi: Impacts of changing atmospheric composition on atmospheric response to emissions
15-September-2016, 4 pm, Room 33-116
Guillaume Chossiere: Diesel cars in Europe: An estimation of the health impacts of excess NOx emissions
30-August-2016, Room 33-206, 11:30 am
Chris Gilmore: Electro-aerodynamic thrust for fixed-wing aircraft propulsion
9-August-2016, Room 33-206, 12 pm
Philip Wolfe: Climate Change Feedbacks on Aviation
Lawrence Wong: Satellite Observation of Contrail Coverage
19-July-2016, Room 33-206, 12 pm
Seamus Bann: A harmonized stochastic comparison study of renewable jet fuel costs of production
Cooper Hennick: A few subsystems of the EAD project
17-May-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Mark Staples: Dynamic cost-benefit analysis of aviation biofuel adoption
Irene Dedoussi: Atmospheric adjoint sensitivity analysis of aviation emissions impacts
10-May-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Chris Gilmore: Electro-aerodynamic thrust for fixed-wing aircraft propulsion
3-May-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Akshay Ashok: Reducing the air quality impacts of aircraft at airports
5-April-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Cassandra Rosen: Global LCA of GHG Emissions from Petroleum Fuels: Projections for 2050
29-March-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Akshat Agarwal: Statistical Approach to Global Contrail Modeling
15-March-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Irene Dedoussi: Applications of atmospheric adjoint sensitivity analysis
8-March-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Pooja Suresh: Environmental and economic assessment of jet fuel from Municipal Solid Waste
1-March-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Guillaume Chossiere: Air quality modelling in Europe: the impact of unreported diesel emissions in Germany
23-February-2016, Room 33-116, 12 pm
Seamus Bann: Biomass-to-Jet Conversion: A Techno-economic Comparison Study
8-December-2015, Room 33-319, 4 pm
Lawrence Wong: Supersonic Route Modeling: Development and Current Status