Dr. Robert Malina


  • Ph.D. in Economics (Dr. rer. pol.), Muenster University, Germany, 2005
  • Diplom Economist (equivalent to M.Sc. in economics), Muenster University, Germany, 2001

Fields: Cost-benefit analysis, alternative fuels, transportation and environmental economics

Lab Role: Associate Director

Email: rmalina@mit.edu

I come from Germany, where I worked six years as Associate Director of the Institute of Transport Economics at Muenster University before coming to MIT in 2011. My research at the Laboratory centers around the costs and benefits of pursuing various options for mitigating aviation’s environmental impact. I am currently focusing on alternative jet fuels, which is a promising but also challenging field because of the novelty of some of the technologies involved and the various trade-offs in terms of environmental and economic sustainability. Besides the environmental impact of aviation I have a strong research interest into the economics of transportation markets in general, and air transportation markets in particular.

Recent  publications – for full list click here

Seber, G. / Malina, R. / Pearlson, M. / Olcay, H. / Hileman, J. / Barrett, S (asap): Environmental and economic assessment of producing hydroprocessed  jet and diesel fuel from waste oils and tallow, accepted for publication at Biomass and Bioenergy.

Baumgarten, P. / Malina, R. / Lange, A. (asap): The impact of hubbing concentration on flight delays within airline networks – An empirical analysis of the U.S. domestic market. Accepted for publication at Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review.

Staples, M. / Malina, R. / Olcay, H. / Pearlson, M. / Hileman, J. / Boies, A. / Barrett, S. (2014): Lifecycle greenhouse gas footprint and minimum selling price of renewable diesel and jet fuel from fermentation and advanced fermentation production technologies, accepted for publication at Energy and Environmental Science.

Withers, M. / Malina, R. / Gilmore, C. / Gibbs, J. / Trigg, C. / Wolfe, P. / Trivedi, P. / Barrett, S. (2014): Economic and Environmental Assessment of Liquefied Natural Gas as a Supplemental Aircraft Fuel, in: Progress in Aerospace Sciences, Vol. 66, pp. 17-36.

Caiazzo, F. / Malina, R. / Staples, M. / Wolfe, P. / Yim, S. / Barrett, S. (2014): Quantifying the climate impacts of albedo changes due to biofuel production: a comparison with biogeochemical effects, in: Environmental Research Letters Vol. 9, 024015.

Allroggen, F. / Malina, R. (2014): Do the regional growth effects of air transport differ among airports? in: Journal of Air Transport Management, Vol. 37, May 2014, pp. 1-4.

Allroggen, F. / Malina, R. / Lenz, A.-K. (2013): Which factors impact on the presence of incentives for route and traffic development? Econometric evidence from European airports. In: Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, Vol. 60, December 2013, pp. 49-61.


A complete list of publications and talks can be found here.