Isaac LaJoie

EducationIsaac LaJoie

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2015

Fields: Electrohydrodynamic Propulsion

Former Lab Role: Research Intern [until 2013]


I am a Sophomore from Presque Isle, Maine and I’m currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration on energy here at MIT. My research within LAE focuses on EHD (Electrohydrodynamic) propulsion, which has shown great promise in small scale experiments to providing for needs of future air travel. EHD requires no moving parts while using the air around it to create thrust. It has a higher thrust to power ratio than current means of propulsion and it has also been determined to be more efficient. With the ultimate goal of this project being to determine if this technology can expand for practical application, my job is to improve experiment setup as well as test for the thrust density of a more complicated system.

Isaac left LAE in 2013.