Hang Gao

EducationHang Gao

  • B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Currently pursuing M.S. (Advisor: Prof. R. J. Hansman)

Fields: Air Transportation System Analysis and Modeling

Former Lab Role: Research Assistant [until 2013]

Email: hanggao@mit.edu

I am originally from Xining, China and later attended Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. My research focuses on the trade-offs between environmental impacts and air transportation system (ATS) performance. More specifically, there is an ongoing effort to develop methods for evaluating environmental-performance tradeoffs for ATS, which will help in designing and operating a more ‘green’ ATS. The framework extends to include multiple stakeholders that make up the ATS. To tackle this effort, reference problems are used to evaluate and better understand the framework. With an interest in the environmental impact of contrails, the intent is to use the trade-off framework to study the valuation of contrails during cruise operations.

Hang left LAE in 2013.



Silva, S; Cho, H; Gao, H, Kunzi, F, Hansman, R.  “Human Factors Studies of an ADS-B Based Traffic Alerting System for General Aviation” International Center for Air Transportation, September 2012.