Weekly Lab Meetings

Every week the lab holds informal aviation/environmental research and news updates. These are primarily aimed at lab members, sponsors, and collaborators. The current schedule is shown below. Please contact us for further information.


19-November-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-116

TJ Park: Analysis of electric car subsidies in the US

27-November-2018, 11 am, Room 33-116

Laurens Voet
Nick Wilde

03-December-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Lukas Brink
Ruoyu Lan

10-December-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Yash Dixit
Arthur Brown

10-January-2019, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Bert Lenaerts

17-January-2019, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Luke Kulik

24-January-2019, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Thibaud Fritz



Previous LAE Meetings

13-November-2018, 11 am, Room 33-116

Prashanth Prakash: Post-combustion Emissions Control for Aviation

05-November-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Guillaume Chossiere: Atmospheric impacts of rapid vehicle fleet electrification in China

 29-October-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-206

Irene Dedoussi: Ozone impacts of supersonic flight

22-October-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-206

Ines Sanz Morère: Key challenges in assessing future climate impacts of aviation

15-October-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Kieran Strobel: EAD Wind Tunnel Tech Talk

 11-October-2018, 11 am, Room 33-206

Carla Grobler: Which is worse: aviation climate or air quality impacts?

01-October-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Liam Comidy: Jet fuel production onboard aircraft carriers

27-September-2018, 11 am, Room 33-116

Stewart Isaacs: Electrifying Aircraft Fuel: Lifecycle Analysis of Electrofuel Pathways for Aviation

 30-August-2018, 1 pm, Room 33-116

Haofeng Xu: Will it Fly? Electroaerodynamic solid state propulsion for airplanes

 06-August-2018, 3 pm, Room 33-116

Juju Wang: A stochastic quantitative policy assessment of various alternative jet fuel pathways

17-July-2018, 3 pm, Room 33-206

           Uyiosa Oriakhi: Stochastic Life Cycle Analysis for Alternative Jet Fuels

06-June-2018, 3 pm, Room 33-206

Akshat Agarwal: The SCOPE11 method for estimating aircraft BC mass and particle number emissions

 30-May-2018, 3 pm, Room 33-116

Luke Kulik: Deep learning for contrail detection – how to spot largest man-made features from space

18-May-2018, 2 pm, Room 33-116

Thibaud Fritz: A subgrid-scale treatment of aircraft emissions

08-May-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Irene Dedoussi: Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis of the Atmospheric Impacts of Combustion Emissions

03-May-2018, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Cassandra Miller: NOx and Fuel Burn Tradeoffs in Commercial Aviation

 24-April-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-418

Carla Grobler: Air Quality and Climate Costs of Aviation Fuel Burn

 20-April-2018, 3 pm, Room 33-206

Ines Sanz Morère: Assessing uncertainties on contrails RF calculations

09-April-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-206

Qian Di, Harvard School of Public Health: The Association between Air Pollution and Human Health: Recent Evidence at Low Concentrations

 05-April-2018, 12 pm, Room 33-418

Albert Gnadt: Technical and Environmental Assessment of All-Electric 180-Passenger Commercial Aircraft

 19-March-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-206

Prakash Prashanth: Post-combustion emissions control for aero-gas turbine engines

05-March-2018, 4 pm, Room 33-206 [Seminar]

Guillaume Chossière: Emissions of diesel cars in Europe: Country and manufacturer attribution of air quality impacts from excess NOx emissions

28-February-2018, 11 am, Room 33-418

Drew WeibelNaphthalene Removal Assessment: Cleaning up Jet Fuel for Reduced Air Quality Impacts 

22-February-2018, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Kieran Strobel: EAD Propulsion-System/Vehicle Characterization

16-January-2018, 12 pm, Room 33-116

Juju Wang: Waste Gas to Drop in Jet Fuel
Liam Comidy: Jet Fuel Production Onboard Aircraft Carriers

11-December-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Irene Dedoussi: Assessing the environmental impacts of combustion emissions

05-December-2017, 2 pm, Room 33-116

Paula do Vale Pereira: Lifecycle Analysis of the Air Quality Impact of Aviation Biofuels

01-December-2017, 12 pm, Room 33-206

Kingshuk Dasadhikari: Updates to the GEOS-Chem Adjoint Model for Southeast Asia

20-November-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Luke Kulik: How deep learning could help us improve climate forecasts
Stewart Isaacs: Electrofuels: A near-term solution for carbon neutral aviation

09-November-2017, 1 pm, Room 33-116

Irene Dedoussi: Development of the adjoint of GEOS-Chem UCX

02-November-2017, 2 pm, Room 33-206

Cassandra Miller: Evaluating CO2 Impacts from NOx Regulations using World Emissions

25-October-2017, 11 am, Room 33-116

Tim Galligan: The potential of jet fuel from biomass and wastes to reduce aviation greenhouse gas emissions in the United States

19-October-2017, 1 pm, Room 33-319

Albert Gnadt: Feasibility of All-Electric Aircraft in Commercial Aviation: Batteries and Geometry

10-October-2017, 2 pm, Room 33-116

Ines Sanz Morère: Assessment of overlapping contrails’ climate impact

02-October-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-319

Ray Speth: Aviation, Combustion, and the Environment

28-September-2017, 2 pm, Room 33-418

Akshat Agarwal: Statistical model for global contrail modeling

18-September-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Carla Grobler: Current climate modeling approaches

22-August-2017, 10 am, Room 33-116

Thibaud Fritz: Toward effective emissions of airplanes in global models

31-July-2017, 12 pm, Room 33-206

Haofeng Xu: Electroaerodynamic Propulsion – Design for First Flight and Beyond

07-July-2017, 11 am, Room 33-116

Seamus Bann: Progress Toward a Marginal Abatement Cost Curve for Alternative Jet Fuels

16-June-2017, 11 am, Room 33-116

Robert Garner: Emissions of transatmospheric vehicles – Initial results

05-June-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Prakash Prashanth: Post combustion emission control in gas turbines

26-May-2017, 11 am, Room 33-116

Albert Gnadt: Feasibility of All-Electric Aircraft in Commercial Aviation: Propulsion Components
Sierk de Jong: Renewable jet fuel (RJF) – a realistic solution to reduce the climate impact of aviation?

17-May-2017, 3 pm, Room 33-116

Luke Jensen: Noise Mitigation Efforts using Operational Modifications at Boston Logan Airport

05-May-2017, 11 am, Room 33-206

Cassi Miller: Evaluating CO2 and NOx Climate Tradeoffs using World Emissions and APMT

24-April-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Tim Galligan: Long-term alternative jet fuel production in the United States

14-April-2017, 11 am, Room 33-206

Kingshuk Dasadhikari: Development of the GEOS-Chem Adjoint Model for SE Asia: Preliminary Results & Updates

03-April-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Drew Weibel: Naphthalene Removal Assessment – Fuel optimization processes and economics

20-March-2017, 4 pm, Room 33-116

Irene Dedoussi: Pollution exchange between the US states

17-March-2017, 11 am, Room 33-116

Guillaume Chossiere: Air quality impacts of excess NOx emissions from passenger cars in Europe