Dr. Mark Azzam


  • Dr.-Ing., Aerospace Engineering, Technische Universität Darmstadt, 2012
  • Dipl.-Ing. (MS), Aerospace Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, 2007

Fields: Air Transportation System Analysis and Modeling

Former Lab Role: Postdoctoral Associate [until 2013]

Email: azzam@mit.edu

I am originally from Aachen in Germany, a town right at the Dutch, Belgium border triangle. I graduated from RWTH Aachen University in 2007, where I mainly worked in the field of jet propulsion and turbomachinery. For my PhD study, I shifted my research focus to air transportation system analysis and received a degree from TU Darmstadt in 2012, where I also worked as a Postdoctoral Associate before I came to MIT. At LAE I am involved in research projects that focus on system wide impacts and tradeoffs of fuel reduction approaches in aviation.

Mark left LAE in 2013.


Selected Relevant Publications

‘The Accelerated Growth of the Worldwide Air Transportation Network‘, M. Azzam, U. Klingauf, A. Zock, European Physical Journal Special Topics: Spatially Embedded Complex Networks, 2012 (accepted).

‘An Evaluative Comparison of the BTS T-100 and OAG Database through Data Mining’, K. H.-J. Lin, M. Azzam, U. Klingauf, Proceedings of the 15th Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) World Conference, Sydney, 2011.

‘Investigation of the Fuel Efficiency of the US Air Transportation Network Structure’, M. Azzam, P. Bonnefoy, R. J. Hansman, Proceedings of the 10th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations, Fort Worth, 2010.

‘An Empirical Investigation of Airport Evolution through Multidimensional Airport Classification’, M. Azzam, K. H.-J. Lin, U. Klingauf, Proceedings of the 14th Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) World Conference, Porto, 2010.

‘Application Concept of Artificial Neural Networks for Turbomachinery Design’, M. Azzam, J.-C. Haag, P. Jeschke, Computer Assisted Mechanics and Engineering Sciences (CAMES) Vol. 16, No. 2, pp. 143-160, 2009.

‘Airline Network Structures and Development Strategies’, M. Azzam, E. Cronrath, Proceedings of the 13th Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) World Conference, Abu Dhabi, 2009.