Dr. Gonca Seber


  • PhD, Chemistry, University of Massachusetts Amherst 2012
  • MS, Chemistry, Bogazici University, 2006
  • BS, Chemistry, Bogazici University, 2004

Fields: Organic Chemistry, Environment

Former Lab Role: Visiting Scientist [until 2013]

Email: gseber@mit.edu

I come from Eskisehir, Turkey and I am currently working as a visiting scientist at the Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment. My research is focused on the evaluation of different life cycle assessment (LCA) tools that are used to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from various chemical pathways producing aviation and other transportation fuels. The ultimate goal of my project is to give insight into the specific skills of these LCA tools; to understand the differences in their scope, databases, methodology, assumptions and technology sets; and to give advice on the suitability of these tools for the life cycle analyses to be conducted under LAE.

Gonca left LAE in 2013.